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Working on various web projects mainly in PHP

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CHELMER WEB DESIGN - I worked on a contract basis for Chelmer web design based in Chelmsford, ESSEX. I have been involved in a number of projects for chelmer, primarily in PHP and wordpress. Jm2ssl: JM2SSL is a wordpress site and the changes involved changing graphics and pages within the site and adding new pages. GPID: GPID this was almost a site redesign on behalf of Galliard Homes, the GPID site is used by employees in the field and primarily using IPhones, the main issues were to do with buttons and input fields not showing properly on the Iphone. I opted to used foundation - the responsive framework as the basis for all pages on the site, the changes also included adding google maps, add some users to a MySQL table, highlight text changes in red to show what another user had changed. Lycian: LYCIAN was an existing site, the changes mainly involved editing PHP and JavaScript code to remove ads, add new ads, add a new countdown timer and various other changes. The site was tricky to change because to was made up of tables in tables in tables. PDF Questionnaire: This involved building a form with questions and values for answers, based on theses values a spider graph was produced in a PDF, I used mPDF for this. CRM: I was tasked with getting a CRM contact page working on the test server.