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developing and learning the android programming system

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Android Development Around the time the Android was starting to become big I decided to have a go at writing some Android games – after looking around at what other people were using to build games I settled on ANDENGINE – a games engine specifically for Android and also used Java, so I setup Eclipse and already had a Android phone for testing. I started looking at my first game based on the Olympics in 2012, and set about building a track and field type game with sports such as the running track, swimming and long jump. Another game I build around this time was called Zaras maze based on a girl I liked called Zara, not that she had anything to do with mazes. The basis of the game was the player was the white sheep, and had to find the pink sheep and avoid the black sheep. I found a JAVA library for finding a path through the maze using a 2-D array of 1’s and 0’s to represent the walls so the black sheep could navigate around. The next problem I had to solve was multi threading – because the black sheep shared the same code in different threads I had to make sure one sheep did not overwrite another’s values.