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gone off cheese or a hacker in your fridge

Posted on 6th Mar 2017

A recent article in the Sunday times highlighted a case of a Hacker(s) using a Smart Fridge to hack in to the company network, as more and more devices are connected in the world of things is security the first priority for companies building these things.There seems to be a correlation between security risk and network complexity , in other words the more complex your network and the more devices connected to it the higher the risk when it comes to security.

Most obvious hacks are prevented using Firewall and good anti virus software.

Some companies such as DarkTrace ( ) - and they are quite dark employing ex-spies and governement types and use AI (artificial intelligence) to check for security breaches. The company describes itself as a Enterprise solution, so for the rest of us we need to use off the shelf software like Kaspersky Or Norton to protect our system.

What are hackers after ? Possibly access to company data , emails ... maybe they dont know but in the words of Bruce Willis "I don't know what it all means but you've got some bad ass perpetrators and they are here to stay!!"  for now......