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Posted on 6th Mar 2017


1.  Make sure you enable UFW firewall.

2. Install something like ClamShell anti virus.


Don't use what are called dictionary words: e.g.  God1111   123456   heppy  etc etc, also reset or change the password regularaly.



Firewall : this is the software to stop a hacker gaining access to a machine or server.For linux a good FREE firewall is GUFW firewall.

To install it use:

sudo apt-get install gufw

GUFW has 3 profiles : home , office , public. Home is the default and denies ALL incoming and allows all outgoing traffic.

 ALLOW option : will allow ALL traffic.

DENY: will quietly discard packets.

REJECT: Will send a reject packet to the sender.

RULES: These allow you to selectively Allow/Deny specific ports.

 Use the REPORT tab to see which applications are using which ports.


A Rootkit allows a hacker to gain Root access by using malicious software. To check for these use a Root kit checker such as chkrootkit.

To install use:   sudo apt-get install chkrootkit

It scans for ROOTKITS and MALWARE.

To use:   sudo chkrootkit