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Posted on 28th Dec 2017

BBC 6 Robots Experiment

Last night I watched the 6 robots experiment on BBC2:

It was an interesting program, but to be honest it left me wondering where AI (Artificial Intelligence) currently stands - I mean the robots in the BBC 2 TV Programme did seem to have some level of AI built in, for example being able to ask it the time , or play basic word games but is this the most advanced AI we currently have?  My definition of real AI (artificial intelligence) is that it can learn on the fly - so for example say I was sitting next to a robot and I start to polish a shoe using a cloth and some black polish - a robot that can learn would be able to watch me polish the shoe for a short while and then pick up the other shoe and a cloth and start to polish that.

The definition of the Turing test states that in order to pass the AI test the robot or computer must be able to converse with a real person and be indistinguishable from a real person, in other words a computer passes itself off as a person.

There are examples apparently where this has taken place ...

So in conclusion AI still seems to have some considerable way to go and our jobs for now are safe :-)